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YouTube Ads Agency Says “90% of buyers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching your brand’s video.”

YouTube provides an incredible & clearly recognizable experience to the viewers through videos. From selecting your target audience to video optimization, analytics, and beyond, Kantha Digital can handle everything related to your YouTube advertising campaigns. Our experience with the YouTube Ads agency team helps to build awareness & accelerate the right traffic to your website.

YouTube Ads Agency

Result Oriented Services

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads allows you to advertise to people who have already visited your website,through this we retarget people when they visit other sites on Google.

Google Display Ads

Google Display ads are appears on the articles, Youtube videos, checking Gmail, using mobile apps or online websites that people browse.

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads appear at the top of search engine results page which represents color, size, price, the seller, and a picture of the products.

A Proven Google Ads Process



You get an detail analytical report on what’s working, what’s not, and what are the strengths & weaknesses. In short we discover the hidden opportunities that really works.


Create Strategy

We believe that right strategy gives you additional edge. Our strategy is backed by years of experience, research & analysis in your niche.



Real progress starts here! Depending on your requirements, this includes content creation/optimization, creating ads, and more.


Results & Repeat

We deliver right solution here! we constantly checking solutions & testing our SMO strategy to see how higher we make your business into brands.

YouTube Ads Agency

Enhance your Audience Reach with a YouTube Ads Agency

YouTube is one of the most popular video advertising platforms. The broader reach of YouTube ads offers the perfect opportunity for your business to connect with the target audience in an engaging way. It makes it easy for content developers to reach an audience worldwide. Around 65% of global people watch YouTube every day. As it is the second most useful search engine after Google.

YouTube ads allow you to target a larger audience on the basis of demographics such as age, gender, parental status, or household income of the audience that you want to reach. If you are thinking of building your brand in the market then YouTube is the most valuable advertisement source for online marketing. Your business can also target the audience by knowing their interest or what they actually want to see & show them relevant ads.

YouTube advertising services, help businesses to build brand integrity, attract leads & grow their channel by creating engaging content. At Kantha Digital, we optimise your YouTube channel’s performance & grab the attention of your potential customers with proven advertising strategies.

Grow Your Channel with YouTube SEO Service

YouTube is the most reliable & informative source of information. As per statistics, 30,000 hours of video are uploaded every hour worldwide on YouTube & over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube once a month. People use this platform to gain knowledge as per their interests. Many businesses use this platform for brand awareness, increasing subscriber count, and improving website visits & ROI.

YouTube works on the basic principle of providing a user beneficial, authoritative & trustworthy content based on their unique query. If you have a business & want to rise above the competition then it is necessary to perform YouTube optimization. It includes many factors such as performing keyword research, thumbnail optimization, adding meta titles & meta descriptions by using keywords, translation of content, link building, tags optimization, etc. YouTube SEO helps to achieve 50% higher growth in viewing time year-over-year for your brands.

On the basis of various performance metrics, our YouTube SEO experts analyze the growth rate of video views from the date of publication, where the views are coming from & how much time the user spent watching your video. At Kantha Digital, we create a strategy that helps to create brand engagements, promote products, services & events, grow your audience & make it easier for people to find you.

YouTube Ads Agency
YouTube Video Ads Format

What include our YouTube Video Ads Format

YouTube provides multiple options to create target ads. At Kantha Digital, our YouTube ads experts guide you about how to choose the best ads option for your specific advertising requirements.

INSTREAM – Instream videos will show at the beginning of a YouTube video & it provides you the time of five second to capture a viewer’s attention before they’re choosing skip ad option. Remember that with a clever ad, you create a longer impression about your brand.

IN-VIDEO – In-video ads will appear when viewers are watching a youtube content and appear at the top of the recommended video list with a symbol of (i). It can grab a viewer’s attention while at the same time not interfering while watching video.

BUMPER– A Bumper ads is a six-second video advertisement that plays starting, during and at the end of videos watched on YouTube. It is an unskippable form video that helps to create a brand impression & increase reach of your brand.

MASTHEAD – Masthead is a form of Static video ads that appears on Youtube homepage for one whole day. This ad does not run in between the youtube video playing. It gives maximum exposure to your brand.

Build Brand Reliability with Our YouTube Ads Services

Our YouTube Ads specialists consist of content strategists, video producers, and editors who always ensures to build a YouTube Ad that will not only resonate with the right audience but are answering all queries that people are searching for at the right time.

So, if you’re searching for a YouTube ads agency, Kantha Digital creates an effective video advertising service for your business & helps you develop creative and productive YouTube ads to target your viewers. We are one of the professional digital marketing agencies for SEO services. Our aim is to build brand reliability, increase sales, create brand awareness, drive traffic & improve search engine rankings. To speak with one of our YouTube ads Agency consultants, give Kantha Digital a call today.

YouTube Ads Services

Frequently Asked

How is YouTube good for marketing?

After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. About 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. It is one of the most powerful video marketing platforms that allow businesses to reach a new audience & increase brand engagement. Due to its connection with billions of online viewers, it helps businesses to boost website traffic. Explore more tips at our Instagram account.

How to perform YouTube SEO?

First, we perform keyword research by analysing the competitors. YouTube SEO involves many things such as – Adding keyword-based title tags, meta descriptions, link building, adding hashtags, etc. It helps to track viewer engagements, increase subscribers & improve SERP’s ranking.

Is YouTube advertising effective?

YouTube is one of the most beneficial & cost-effective video marketing platforms: Average CPV: $0.027. Average view rate: 31.8%.

Do YouTube ads increase sales?

Yes, by targeting the audience you can keep them engaged. YouTube can be a lucrative advertising channel for increasing customer engagement. It enhances the chance to convert a sale.

What are the different types of YouTube Ads?

Available video ad formats include:

– Skippable in-stream video ads. (5 Sec)

– Non-skippable in-stream video ads. (15-20 Sec)

– In-feed video ads. (30 Sec)

– Bumper video ads. (6 Sec)

– Outstream video ads.

– Masthead video ads. (30 Sec)

How to perform ads on YouTube?

Depending on your business needs, how you advertise on YouTube will change. YouTube advertising can be used to promote products, services or brands, influence the buying decision, increase sales, or enhance brand reputation. Video advertisements on YouTube can be used to achieve these goals. You can also Checkout here our Remarketing Ads.

Happy Clients

Kantha Digital is the real deal when it comes to YouTube Ads. Their expertise is unmatched, and the results they deliver are nothing short of impressive. With a finely-tuned strategy, they’ve boosted our online presence, and our YouTube Ads have garnered outstanding engagement and visibility. The team’s dedication and precision in tackling challenges ensure they consistently exceed expectations. Looking for best in YouTube Ads marketing? Kantha Digital is the go-to choice.

The genuine interest they showed in our business & desire to help us achieve our business objectives is not only credited to the individuals & their specialization but also a reflection of Kantha Digital’s vision. As a professional & experienced SEO & digital marketing company, they work tirelessly to understand not only our online needs but also our business as a whole. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending all their services.

When we sought a YouTube Ads marketing agency to elevate our online presence, they surpassed our expectations. Kantha Digital not only provided us with in-depth insights into our YouTube advertising strategy but also helped us achieve remarkable visibility and engagement on the platform. Their dedicated team of YouTube Ads experts tackled all our challenges with precision, delivering results that truly exceeded our expectations.

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