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To improve the visibility of your site, we have to follow Google rules. On-page SEO team helps to optimise web pages to improve a website’s search engine rankings and get organic traffic. On-page SEO service includes optimising your meta tags, body tags, image optimization, internal linking, etc. Our On-page SEO Agency ensure that your website should be developed with a high level of expertise. Get in touch with our SEO experts today.

On-Page SEO Agency

Result Oriented Services

Keyword Research

We perform target keyword research & mapping by understanding your business. By understanding what potential customers are searching for.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is connecting your web pages with each other, so it is beneficial for user & search engine bots for easy navigation.

Meta Title Optimization

We write keyword rich meta title & meta descriptions that help search engine crawlers to know about your products or services.

Heading Tag Optimization

Heading tags is very necessary to know about the web page content. In On-page SEO we write H1,H2,H3,H4,H5 & H6 heading tags.

Image optimization

By the use of ALT text, we perform image optimization that helps both users & search engine crawlers to understand what the image is about.

Schema Markup

Schema markup helps search engines to understand your website content in a better way. It helps to improve your online presence.

A Proven SEO Process



You get an detail analytical report on what’s working, what’s not, and what are the strengths & weaknesses. In short we discover the hidden opportunities that really works.


Create Strategy

We believe that right strategy gives you additional edge. Our strategy is backed by years of experience, research & analysis in your niche.



Real progress starts here! Depending on your requirements, this includes content creation/optimization, creating ads, and more.


Results & Repeat

We deliver right solution here! we constantly checking solutions & testing our SMO strategy to see how higher we make your business into brands.

On-page SEO service

Focused on webpage speed & friendliness.

In terms of your On page SEO, page speed & mobile friendliness are the two most important search engine ranking factors. Faster loading pages leads to a better website experience. As we know, today most users prefer mobile as compared to the desktop for website access. A mobile-friendly website enhances the user experience. A well-optimized website gets more and more traffic over time. That’s one of the reasons Google or Bing rank your website in search results.

SEO-friendly URL Structure

The URL structure of your website makes a big impact on your on-page SEO. A simple & short URL structure helps both Google crawlers & the user’s to know what the webpage is about. Use the right keywords in your website URLs that increase the web site’s credibility and provide the best results to the user. To create a user & SEO-friendly URL do not use too many keywords in a URL as it can be seen as keyword stuffing & Google will penalise your website for those actions. Also avoid the use of special characters, numbers & uppercase letters. Always keep it relevant.

On-page SEO
On-page SEO services

Keyword Density in the content

Keyword Density, also known as keyword frequency, means how many times a specific keyword appears on a particular webpage as compared to other words in the content. Google doesn’t define any guidelines to make use of how many keywords are in the content. But we recommend you always make use of (1- 2%) keywords per 100 words of content. Keywords are the building blocks of your website content. Ensure that you place your keywords into the content in a more natural way.

Strong Internal Linking throughout your website

The internal Linking process consists of connecting one page of your website to another page of the same website. This linking strategy helps to improve website navigation, connect website visitors to the most valuable & relevant content on your business website, decrease the bounce rate, and helps to increase page views. As we need to understand that a strong linking structure allows google crawlers to easily find & index all pages on a website. In simple words, the more internal links a page has, the higher its Page Rank.

On-page SEP
On Page SEO

On-page SEO Agency that Improve your Schema

Schema is a type of code that helps search engines to interpret the information in your on-page content. Schema is important because it makes your website look better in the search results as it makes your page look more attractive, engaging, and informative in SERPs with snippets and images. Implementing a schema code tells Google where your business is located, suggesting Q&A for the user search queries. A schema boosts your website SEO.

AMP (accelerated mobile pages) is one of the most important factors of an on-page SEO strategy. It helps your business keep up with trends, boost website traffic & stay ahead of the competition. AMP is designed to improve website speed on a mobile device with minimum data usage. In short, it creates a positive impression which leads to more engagement & clicks.

At Kantha Digital, our on-page SEO services help you to enhance your appearance in Google’s & Bing SERP so you can easily compete with your competitors. To discuss how we can help, contact us today and we can have a chat about your SEO needs.

Frequently Asked

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing individual web pages to improve their search engine rankings and increase their visibility in organic (non-paid) search results. It involves making changes to the content and HTML source code of a page to make it more search engine-friendly.

How can we rank websites on the first page of Google?

To get a higher rank on the first page of Google. It is necessary that your website should be well optimized & follow all rules & regulations set by Google algorithm. As a professional SEO agency we can perform On-page SEO, Off-page SEO & Technical SEO optimization by understanding your business & performing competitive analysis.

Can you perform SEO for Ecommerce Website?

We are a leading SEO & digital marketing company working with many eCommerce businesses. As we perform complete On-page SEO, Off-page SEO & Technical SEO of various eCommerce platforms such as Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopware, & Shopify. It helps to achieve a higher rank on SERP.

How much time is required for the On-page SEO Process?

It takes time to build your authority and trust online. Generally On-page SEO process time depends on your business work. It can be less or more for the eCommerce website or other business.

How do you measure the results or success of an SEO Campaign?

In general, it’s how much you pay per purchase that’s the most. Organic traffic generated via Keyword Ranking will drive revenue as well as increase brand recognition and credibility for your company. An effective Search Engine Optimization campaign can boost your company and provide you with the opportunity to earn a profit.

How can I find the keywords that people are searching for to find businesses like mine?

Before ranking your website, it is necessary to understand what search queries people will use to search on search engine result pages to find your business or brand. By using keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ahref, Google Keyword Planner, etc. you can get the most useful & relevant keywords for your business. Follow us on Instagram for such informative content

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We hold in high regard the SEO and digital marketing services delivered by Kantha Digital! As a burgeoning enterprise, our quest for a proficient SEO and digital marketing agency, adept at comprehending our business goals, led us to Kantha Digital. Their expert team has played a pivotal role in helping us attain quantifiable business results. Through the development of a tailored On-Page SEO strategy, Kantha Digital has empowered us to stand shoulder to shoulder with our competitors.

Their sincere dedication to our business and their commitment to assisting us in reaching our business goals can be attributed not only to the skills and expertise of their team members but also reflects the core values of Kantha Digital. As a seasoned and professional On-Page SEO and digital marketing firm, they go to great lengths to comprehend not just our online requirements but also our business in its entirety. We wholeheartedly endorse all the services they offer without any reservation. Their expertise has been instrumental in our success.

Our partnership with Kantha Digital spans a continuous five years. When we were in search of an eCommerce SEO agency to conduct an in-depth On-Page SEO analysis of our website, Kantha Digital delivered comprehensive and insightful feedback regarding our eCommerce platform, effectively boosting our rankings on search engine result pages. Their dedicated team of SEO specialists adeptly addressed all SEO challenges, surpassing our initial expectations and delivering exceptional results. Kantha Digital has been pivotal in our online success story.

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