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If you are looking to set up an online eCommerce store & want to create your online brand. Magento is the most flexible, scalable & customised eCommerce solution. It enables merchants freedom of selecting hostings for their own choice & creating mobile-friendly website designs. At Kantha Digital, our Magento SEO Agency mainly focus on the optimization of your Magento website & make it friendly for both Google & online buyers

Magento SEO

Result Oriented Services

User's Search Intent

We create a user-friendly website that matches your user's search intent. Our goal is for website visitors to get an incredible experience.

Link Building

We offer some high-quality eCommerce link-building services. Our main goal is to increase your website visibility on search engine result pages.

Google Analytics Setup

We integrate your Magento website to track performance & perform an in-depth analysis of your eCommerce website. It also helps to understand user behaviour.

Competitive Analysis

By knowing your potential audience, we identify what your competitors are doing right & spot opportunities to innovate your eCommerce website.

Internal Linking

Internal linking enabled search engines to crawl & understand your eCommerce website architecture & pages. It provides better website navigation to users.

Schema Markup

Get attention-grabbing rich results with Schema markup on your Website. We'll show added info such as product images, ratings, and pricing.

Keyword Research

Our Magento SEO specialist identifies your target market, determines high-performing keywords, organizes search terms & creates SEO-optimised content.

Speed up Website

Ecommerce websites with lightning-fast page speed enhance the overall user experience. Speed up your website & reduce the user's bounce rate with us.

Unique Content Creation

We create unique content that helps to attract, & engage potential customers. It brings new visitors to your website & helps them to discover your business.

A Proven SEO Process



You get an detail analytical report on what’s working, what’s not, and what are the strengths & weaknesses. In short we discover the hidden opportunities that really works.


Create Strategy

We believe that right strategy gives you additional edge. Our strategy is backed by years of experience, research & analysis in your niche.



Real progress starts here! Depending on your requirements, this includes content creation/optimization, creating ads, and more.


Results & Repeat

We deliver right solution here! we constantly checking solutions & testing our SMO strategy to see how higher we make your business into brands.

Magento SEO Service

Rank Higher on Searches with Magento SEO Service

Magento’s SEO features are one of the main reasons why Magento is a popular eCommerce platform. Magento platform provides unique features that helps to manage & optimise your magento store for the search engines. At Kantha Digital, our Magento SEO experts perform a complete SEO of your website & identify what needs to be optimised in order to help your website to rank higher in the search engine results pages. We perform this by doing On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO & Technical SEO it includes:

– Meta title & meta description tags optimization

– Keyword & Content optimization

– Speed up your product page

– Create a strong internal linking structure.

– Add Google Analytics code to monitor the results.

– Create quality backlinks from authoritative sites

– Check off-page duplicate content issue

Increase Online Shoppers with Leading Magento SEO Agency

Whether you run a small website using Magento default store, or a heavily customised website with multiple store views, you need to make sure your online business website remains SEO friendly. At Kantha Digital, we simply offer proven Magen to SEO strategies to our clients that are planned and implemented by our SEO team dedicated to reaching your goals. Through this, we ensure that online shoppers can find our website at the top of search results.

Every business has different needs & demands. When it comes to SEO for Magento, one solution does not fit every business. We have been working for decades with Magento platforms. By understanding the business vision, our SEO team helps Magento merchants of every budget and size across the world to solve their technical issues, well-tune their product catalogue SEO, get higher website rankings and boost revenue.

At Kantha Digital, we unleash the full potential of your Magento website, through in-depth competitive analysis and unparalleled knowledge. We identify the weaknesses and unlock new business opportunities through constant innovation.

Magento SEO Service
Magento SEO Service

Magento SEO Audits from Kantha Digital

We perform SEO audits of your eCommerce website to understand its performance, user-friendliness & security. Our SEO for Magento experts evaluate your citation, backlinks quality & product descriptions, etc.

Technical SEO Auditing:

By understanding your business goals & requirements. Our professional Magento SEO team performs the in-depth technical auditing of your online store. It includes duplicate content issues, meta robots, canonicals, redirects, XML sitemaps, link integrity, page speed, etc.

SEO links Auditing:

Our Magento SEO experts will take a detailed review of the current link strategy by performing an SEO links audit. In this, we identify the hidden problems & find the best solutions to improve & grow the backlink profile of your Magento website/store.

Analytics Tools Setup:

Magento SEO audit includes complete setup of Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Data Studio, etc. It also includes Magento back-end access to the system config, URL rewrites, product catalogue, etc.

Work with Magento SEO Professionals

At Kantha digital, our Magento SEO experts know what to do to make your website perform better & drive more traffic. Our SEO experts understand the hidden challenges of the eCommerce industry. We unlock the tremendous potential of our client’s businesses by implementing a proven SEO strategy.

Whether you have a small business searching for the basic eCommerce SEO or an international brand with multiple store views searching for a complex SEO solution. Our Magento SEO experts deliver the best solutions for online store merchants in both B2B & B2C businesses.

We work on a long-term vision that is beneficial for our client’s business. Our team of professional Magento SEO experts has been providing our clients with end-to-end services including consultation, custom website design & development, website migration, as well as support & maintenance services, etc. that propel your business to new heights.

Magento SEO Services

Frequently Asked

What is Magento?

Magento platform allows merchants to connect with their customers and sell their products online. Through this, a merchant can do product management, category management, inventory management, order management, payment, create promotions, multi-language supports, analysis & reports, etc. Explore more tips at our Instagram account.

Is Magento Good For SEO?

Magento is one of the popular open-source platforms for eCommerce business. It provides better control over the content, internal linking, website URL structure, page hierarchy, product descriptions, page titles, etc. Magento has a perfect blend of major components and SEO that make it different from others.

Is Magento SEO-friendly?

Magento is one of the best SEO-friendly eCommerce platforms. Its amazing features for SEO, you can implement it without changing your website design, user experience, and content. An impactful SEO strategy will lead to an effective SEO regardless of the platform. If you are using Magento, then we will take you to the top of search engine rankings.

How to improve Magento SEO?

To improve your Magento SEO search engine rankings, it is necessary to first implement an SEO-friendly structure for keyword optimization, meta title & descriptions and internal linking, and link building structure. Also, we need to perform the technical SEO to remove the technical issues & boost website speed.

What SEO considerations must I consider when migrating from WordPress to Magento?

Some SEO strategies may require the assistance of a Magento developer, which can lead to higher costs than if implemented on a platform that is more SEO-friendly. You will need to consider all SEO considerations when migrating Magento to any other platform. An extension may be required to implement best practices in SEO migration such as 301 redirects and content migration.

What is the cost of Magento SEO?

The cost of Magento SEO is different for every business. Generally, it depends on your business needs. As a professional Magento SEO agency, we try to provide SEO services within your budget. You can also Checkout here our Shopify SEO.

Happy Clients

We have been working with Kantha Digital for the last 5 years. When we were looking for an eCommerce SEO agency to perform detailed SEO of our Magento website they provide us detailed meaningful insights about our eCommerce platform & help to rank high on the search engine result page. The dedicated team of Magento SEO experts fix all the SEO challenges & delivered us great results more than our expectations.

The genuine interest they showed in our business & desire to help us achieve our business objectives is not only credited to the individuals & their specialization but also a reflection of Kantha Digital’s vision. As a professional & experienced SEO & digital marketing company, they work tirelessly to understand not only our online needs but also our business as a whole. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending all their services.

We have been working with Kantha Digital for the last 5 years. When we were looking for an eCommerce SEO agency to perform detailed SEO of our Magento website they provide us detailed meaningful insights about our eCommerce platform & help to rank high on the search engine result page. The dedicated team of Magento SEO experts fix all the SEO challenges & delivered us great results more than our expectations.

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