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Google Shopping ads enhance the visibility of your products

Our Google Shopping Ads Agency make your products look visually appealing on search results pages.

These advertisements are more effective both at bringing traffic to your store and driving sales. The result for you is a better return on your investment.

Why do they perform so much better? The main reason is the amount of information displayed, which basically streamlines the entire customer journey. Shoppers don’t need to navigate to your store. They are given all the details they need immediately, then taken straight to the product that they’re interested in.

Google Shopping Ad Agency

Result Oriented Services

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads helps to advertising your video content on YouTube & this video playing before a people views another's video on YouTube search results.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads allows you to advertise to people who have already visited your website,through this we retarget people when they visit other sites on Google.

Google Display Ads

Google Display ads are appears on the articles, Youtube videos, checking Gmail, using mobile apps or online websites that people browse.

A Proven Google Ads Process



You get an detail analytical report on what’s working, what’s not, and what are the strengths & weaknesses. In short we discover the hidden opportunities that really works.


Create Strategy

We believe that right strategy gives you additional edge. Our strategy is backed by years of experience, research & analysis in your niche.



Real progress starts here! Depending on your requirements, this includes content creation/optimization, creating ads, and more.


Results & Repeat

We deliver right solution here! we constantly checking solutions & testing our SMO strategy to see how higher we make your business into brands.

Online Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Ads Campaign

Google shopping ads platforms help to increase the online visibility of your brands & accessibility of your online business. As today online shopping is a trillion-dollar business, this ads platform helps you to completely transform your eCommerce business by providing a medium that offers advertisers the ability to target a larger audience with shopping intentions.

Shoppers don’t need to be familiar with your business or brand to find you through Google, as your products can appear whenever Google matches them to the user’s search keywords. Google shopping ads platform helps businesses to build quick transaction support & understand customers’ buying journeys.

As compared to regular text ads, Google shopping listing provides greater visibility of your brand online, by providing product images, headlines, price, product reviews, availability & brand name. Moreover, these listings display on top of the search results. It enables shoppers to compare these features & other essential points before clicking.

If you are searching for a Google Shopping ads agency, we are experts in Google Ads management & can help you to design & develop an Ads campaign that boosts your eCommerce revenue.

What’s required for Google Shopping Ads

After understanding your business, Our Google Shopping Ads Agency design a Google Shopping Ads campaign strategy that boosts your eCommerce business revenue.

– Google Ads Setup

– Google Merchant Centre Setup

– Products Targeting

– Ads Campaign Reporting

Google Shopping Ad Agency
Google shopping ad agency

Let’s Get Started

To create shopping ads, we need both a Google Ads account & a Google Merchant Centre account. The setup process of both these platforms is free & we can always be here to help you.

Google merchant centre is a platform where online retailers list product-related information that fuels Google Shopping Ads. Without Google merchant centre (GMC), your products or services will not appear on Google Shopping Ads.

At Kantha Digital our Google Ads Management team helps you with Google Shopping account setup, Ads campaign management & Campaign monitoring & performance reporting.

Frequently Asked

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads are an online marketing platform that allows shoppers to choose the best products or services at the best price. It makes shoppers’ buying journey easier & convenient. Your products can be seen directly on the shoppers’ search pages if their search query is relevant. Through Google Ads, you can successfully launch Google Shopping Ads. These ads help increase the quality of traffic on your website. Explore more tips at our Instagram account.

What is Google Merchant Centre?

Google Merchant Centre is the online platform where advertisers listed products related data that fuels Google Shopping Ads. Within the Merchant Centre, we provide information about your product images, headlines, product price, product ratings, availability, shipping information, taxes, brand name, etc. Without this, your products do not appear on Google Shopping Ads.

For which businesses Google Shopping Ads is beneficial?

Google Shopping Ads are a powerful marketing platform for any business that sells its products from the website. Many leading brands in both B2B & B2C use this to promote their products & services online. Whether you work in an eCommerce industry, IT, Healthcare, or any other industry this online ads platform helps businesses to understand what exactly shoppers want when they click on your ad, etc.

How do I build a Google Shopping Campaign?

There are some important things you need to consider such as product listing and product feed optimization. It includes:

– Clear product title

– Simple & Short product description

– Use High-quality pictures

– Include price range

– Right product colour

– Right product size

– Website links

– Image links

How Much Do Google Shopping Ads Cost?

Similar to Search Ads, you need to pay Google each time when someone clicks on one of your Shopping Ads. It is different for every niche. you can check out here our Google Display Ads.

How Does Google Shopping Work?

Working of Google Shopping Ads are as follows:

  1. Product Listing Ads (PLAs): PLAs drive Google Shopping, serving as the primary engine behind it. These visual advertisements are featured in Google’s search results when users seek out products. In contrast to text-based ads, PLAs present an image along with essential product details like the title, price, and the store’s name.
  2. Merchant Center: To engage in Google Shopping, retailers or e-commerce enterprises are required to establish an account within Google’s Merchant Center. Within this account, they furnish comprehensive product details, encompassing elements like product names, descriptions, pricing, and product availability.
  3. Product Data Feed: Retailers submit a product data feed to their Google Merchant Center profile. This data feed is a formatted file, typically in XML or CSV format, that encompasses comprehensive information about the products they intend to promote. It comprises particulars such as product ID, title, description, link, image URL, pricing, and additional relevant data.

  4. Campaign Setup: Once product data feed is uploaded, businesses create Google Ads campaigns specifically for Google Shopping. Within these campaigns, they set bids, budgets, and targeting parameters. These campaigns are where businesses define their advertising strategy for Google Shopping.
  5. Ad Auction: When a user submits a search query that triggers relevant product listings, Google starts an auction for advertisements. Google’s algorithms assess elements like the bid amount, product relevance, and the quality of the ad to determine which products to showcase and their order.

  6. Ad Display: The winning product listings appear as PLAs in the search results, typically at the top of the page or in a separate “Shopping” tab. Users see an image of the product, its price, the store’s name, and potentially other details such as reviews or promotions.
  7. Clicks and Website Visits: Upon a user clicking on a Product Listing Ad (PLA), they are redirected to the retailer’s website or a specific landing page where they can access additional information about the product and proceed with a purchase.

  8. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Model: Advertisers incur charges when users click on their product listings. The specific amount paid for each click is established by the bid they specify in their campaign. This model, termed Cost-Per-Click (CPC), entails advertisers being billed for real interactions with their ads.

  9. Product Information Accuracy: It’s essential for retailers to ensure that the product information in their data feed is accurate and up-to-date. Inaccurate or misleading information can result in disapprovals or lower ad quality, affecting the visibility of their products.
  10. Optimization and Monitoring: Retailers continually monitor the performance of their Google Shopping campaigns. They can make adjustments to bids, ad content, and targeting to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns and drive better results.

Happy Clients


When we were in need of a Google Shopping Ads agency to manage advertising for our website, Kantha Digital provided us with invaluable insights regarding our eCommerce platform, resulting in a significant improvement in our search engine rankings. The dedicated team of Google Shopping Ads specialists adeptly tackled and resolved all challenges, surpassing our expectations and delivering exceptional results. Their expertise has played a pivotal role in our Google Shopping Ads journey.



Their sincere dedication to our business and their commitment to helping us attain our business goals can be attributed not only to the skills and expertise of their team members but also reflects the core values of Kantha Digital. As a seasoned and professional Google Shopping Ads agency, they tirelessly strive to comprehend not only our online requirements but also the broader aspects of our business. We wholeheartedly endorse all the services they offer without any reservation.



Their sincere commitment to our business and their drive to assist us in reaching our business goals can be attributed not just to the expertise of their team members but also mirrors the guiding principles of Kantha Digital. As a seasoned and professional Google Shopping Ads agency, they go to great lengths to comprehend not only our online requirements but also the holistic aspects of our business. We wholeheartedly endorse all of their services without any reservations. Kantha Digital has been pivotal in our success story.

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