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T-Shirt Ideal: From the Shadows to the Summit- Claiming the Coveted 1st Spot on Google’s SERP!

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T-shirt Ideal is a Canadian owned company and a leading dealer of promotional and corporate active wear clothing and accessories. With distribution centers strategically located in Montreal. Before we started SEO, T-shirt Ideal was nowhere to be found in Google. Since we started SEO it has been ranked 1st page on Google in only 92 days.


When the T-shirt ideal first reached out to us, which is invaluable for start up businesses they were nowhere to be found in Google. It approached us with a desire to boost their website’s online sales and revenue. They were facing intense competition in their industry and stagnant growth and wanted to explore ways to generate more income through their online presence. Additionally, their website was not optimized for conversions, resulting in a low conversion rate.

We devised an SEO strategy to address their challenges and help them achieve their goals. Our goal was to identify T-shirt Ideal’s revenue opportunities by analyzing the client’s website, market, and competitors, assessing keyword rankings, search volumes, and high-value keywords. Identified the areas for improvement to boost conversions and revenue generation.

Incredible journey! Kantha Digital took us from digital obscurity to the pinnacle of Google rankings, showcasing their exceptional expertise and commitment to success.

Abbas H.
Founder, TShirtIdeal


Whenever we take a new project, we firstly focus on finding technical errors in clients website for better results. T-shirt Ideal had 1789+ Technical SEO errors. Our team successfully resolved all of them. We are expertised in troubleshooting errors that ensures efficient resolution and client satisfaction.

After addressing these technical issues, we moved on our advance SEO strategy. Extensive keyword research was conducted to identify high-demand, relevant keywords specific to T-shirt Ideal’s target audience.

T-Shirt Ideal


We applied on-page components to optimize the website, increase visibility and improve user experience. That improved the meta tags, headlines, URLs, and picture alt texts to make them more appealing to search engines and potential buyers. Link building, raises a website’s authority and rating, is a key component of SEO. For T-shirt Ideal, we created specialized link-building methods and contacted pertinent regional websites. With the help of this strategy, we were able to build solid relationships, get backlinks, and increase the marketability of Client’s website.

We highlight here our remarkable achievements of ranking a targeted keyword on the first page of search engine results within a short span of 3 months. Through strategic optimization and effective SEO tactics, we were able to surpass competitors and significantly improve online visibility. In just 3 months, our efforts resulted in a prominent keyword ranking on the first page of search engine rankings, boosting organic traffic, click-through rates, and brand visibility. This improved visibility increased brand credibility, conversions, and business growth.

Implementing an effective SEO strategy resulted in increased website traffic. Consistently monitoring and making data-driven adjustments led to a significant increase in website traffic, improved visibility in search engine results, and ultimately, a larger online presence.

We always focused on the health score of the website which was 72% when started and now it is 94% after implementing our SEO strategy. T shirt Ideal’s website revenue witnessed a substantial increase over a specific period which is growth from CAD 0/ Day to CAD 15,000/ Day. This growth is attributed to the combined effects of increased organic traffic and improved conversion rates through effective SEO strategies.

Find out how Tshirt ideal and top brands are breaking boundaries and sales records with us.