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From Zero to Hero: Texelse Producten gains Google’s first spot and attracts 98% new customers!




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Texelse Producten is an eCommerce website which was established in 2011. They targeted 3 Countries- Netherlands, USA and Germany. It provides various products like food, beverages, living and sleeping, personal care, skin and wool products, gift sets, flower bulbs. Before Texelse Producten became our client, it was ranked on the 8th page of Google. Since we started SEO, it has ranked 1st page on Google in just 3 months.


When Texelse Producten first reached out to us, they were 8th page positions found in Google. They faced the common challenges of building brand awareness, attracting customers, and establishing a solid online presence in a competitive market. We identified that optimizing their website for search engines would be crucial to attract targeted customers and increase their visibility in search engine results. Before implementing our SEO strategy, Texelse Producten was having a tough time getting clients in their target regions. It was tricky for them to attract potential customers and grow their revenue.

Their goal is to increase the organic ranking, and to grow online. To enhance search engine visibility, we optimized on-page SEO elements by translating meta tags, URLs, headings, and image alt texts, adhering to English and German language best practices. This ensured content relevance for English and German language users, enhancing visibility and enhancing search engine rankings.

We have achieved our top-notch online presence all cause of you. We heartly appreciate your hard work, efforts and services you provide.

Joseph M.
Founder, Texelse Producten


We started auditing the website and found that Texelse Producten website had 6350+ SEO errors. We firstly focused on technical errors and solved it. After solving technical errors we moved to SEO strategy implementation. Our experience driven SEO strategy improves Texelse Producten’s organic visibility and 90% of targeted keywords ranking on 1st page of search engine results in just 3.5 Months.

Texelse Producten


We optimized their website to attract targeted potential customers at each stage of the funnel and increase their visibility in search engine results. Our main focus was increasing the organic visibility of the site and position it by some selected query term at the top of the SERP. Our efforts brought in new visitors that converted into customers and increased revenue from Euros 50/ Day to Euros 3,000/ Day.

Our cutting-edge SEO strategy optimized key elements such as meta tags, headings, URLs and content that increased the search engines ranking higher in search results and improved visibility, increased organic traffic and exposure to potential customers.

We devised a comprehensive back link-building strategy tailored to Texelse Producten’s goals and industry. We created competitive link-buildings on different platforms with focus keywords and quality backlinks through we boost Texelse Producten’s organic visibility.

We always focused on the health score of the website which was 72% when started and now it is 94% after implementing our SEO strategy. Texelse Producten has got more clients than as compared to their competitors and generates revenue Euros 3,000/ Day. They are now on top with such an incredible demand!

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