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Skyrocketing from obscurity to Google dominance: Kapadia Legal’s journey to 1st place in just 14 days!

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Raynal Kapadia has a broad experience in numerous areas of law allowing him to give comprehensive advice in respect of almost any legal issue a client may face. In particular, Raynal has experience with property law, family law, wills and estates, building and construction, insolvency, bankruptcy, and civil litigation. Before we started SEO, Kapadia Legal was nowhere to be found in Google. Since we started SEO it has been ranked 1st in only 14 days in Google.


When Kapadia Legal first reached out to us, they were dead to be found in Google. They faced the common challenges of building brand awareness, attracting customers, and establishing a solid online presence in a competitive market.

Before implementing our SEO strategy, Kapadia Legal was having a tough time getting clients in their target regions. They hadn’t really focused on these areas before, so it was tricky for them to attract potential customers and grow their presence.

Our goal was to determine the best ways to connect with potential customers at each stage of the funnel and Kantha Digital help us to achieve all.

Raynal Kapadia
Founding Principal, Kapadia & Gordon Lawyers


Our top-notch SEO strategy improves Kapadia Legal’s organic visibility and 80% of targeted keywords ranking on page 1 of search engine results in just 14 days. We crafted compelling and descriptive headlines and meta descriptions that entice users to click through to websites from search engine results pages (SERPs). It significantly improved click-through rates and drove more organic traffic.

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We created competitive link-buildings on different platforms with focus keywords and quality backlinks through which we boosted Kapadia Legal’s organic visibility. We always focused on the health score of the website which was 72% when started and now it is 94% after implementing our SEO strategy. Kapadia Legal has got more clients than as compared to their competitors. They are now on top with such an incredible demand!

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