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Blanks Canada is a 100% Canadian owned company and a leading dealer of promotional and corporate active wear clothing and accessories. With distribution centers strategically located in Montreal. They offer their clients a complete choice of top quality products at the best prices in Canada.


The Blanks struggled to achieve a prominent online presence, resulting in limited visibility in search engine results. This lack of visibility impeded their ability to reach their target audience effectively and attract organic traffic to their website. As a consequence, their revenue growth remained stagnant, hampering their overall business growth potential.

We are glad to outstand in this competitive market with your hardwork and efforts. A huge thank you to Kantha Digital for positioning us on the front page in the SERP book of Google.

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We conducted an in-depth website audit and we found 2381+ SEO errors and resolved all. We highlight here our effective on-page SEO strategy to improve organic visibility and drive revenue growth. By optimizing on-page elements such as keywords, titles, descriptions, and content, Blanks achieved substantial results.

The improved search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and revenue growth demonstrate the value of investing in on-page SEO. We created high-quality backlinks that strategically incorporate focus keywords and shareable content. By leveraging the value of our content, we secured placements on some of the most influential websites on the internet.

With the help of an off-page approach, we maximized the potential of Blank’s online presence, driving substantial organic traffic and ultimately turned Blanks’ website into a revenue-generating powerhouse. We generated long-lasting and impactful results, transformed the website into a highly profitable venture.

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Within a short span of 3 Months, Blanks skyrocketed from nowhere in Google to the 1st page of search results. This substantial improvement in rankings significantly boosted their online visibility. The implementation of our SEO strategy led to a substantial increase in organic traffic to the website. More visitors discovered and engaged with Blank’s offerings, further bolstering their revenue potential.

The transformation was not just limited to visibility and rankings. Blanks experienced an extraordinary revenue surge, with daily earnings soaring from CAD 0/ Day to an impressive CAD 8,000/ Day. This tremendous revenue growth is a direct result of increased organic traffic and improved conversions. We always focused on the health score of the website which was 45% when it started and now it is 73% after implementing our SEO strategy.

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