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9+ Mind Blowing Video Marketing Hacks to Convert Customers into Die Hard Fans

Video marketing is the use of videos to advertise and sell your product or service, boost interaction on your digital and social channels, inform your audience through a new medium, and enhance engagement.

1. Demo Videos

2. Brand Videos

3. Event Videos

4. Expert Interviews

5. Informational or How-To-Videos

6. Explainer Videos

7. Animated Videos

8. Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

9. Live Videos

10. 360° & Virtual Reality Videos

SEO is enhanced, and sales and conversions are increased by video marketing. 31% of marketers use videos to boost SEO. Video improves the quality of pages and length of time visitors spend on them, which helps websites rank higher in search engines. More than 60% of marketers report an increase in their customer acquisition costs.

At the same time, 83 percent of video marketers claim that video aids in lead generation.

This is due to the fact that video has revolutionized not only the way in which businesses market and how consumers shop, but also the way in which salespeople connect with and convert prospects as well as the way in which customer service teams look after and delight their clients.

Throughout the entire customer buying journey, video can be a flexible tool for salespeople, and it can do much more than just boost engagement. Salespeople can qualify and rank unresponsive or cold leads with the aid of backend analytics.

Mobile users enjoy watching video marketing. Video consumption is fueled by mobile users. A mobile device or tablet is used to watch online videos by 77% of those polled, according to research. Facebook also claims that using a smartphone is 1 point 5 times more likely than using a computer to watch a video every day.

1. Determine where your target demographic spends their time after selecting them

Given the popularity of video and user-generated video content, each video you create must be tailored to a particular audience. Create solid buyer personas right away if you don’t already have any. Incorporate the most recent video research into your buyer personas if you already have a set of them.

Marketing professionals are increasingly using quality videos as a promotional tool.Video is today’s predominant form of communication for a number of reasons, though not just that.

First, smartphone technology advanced, making it simpler and more practical to watch videos. Then, the pandemic increased U.S. online media consumption by 215%.

Weekly average for watching online videos, according to the video marketing guide. Imagine the year 2022, when viewers watch videos online for an average of 19 hours per week.

Now more than ever, successful brands cannot afford to ignore video marketing.

2. Social sharing is promoted by video marketing.

For increasing engagement on social media, video is the second most popular type of content. Video is the main focus of websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

The importance of video marketing is emphasized by all platforms, even those that do not allow native video uploads.

– Tweets on Twitter receive 10 times more engagement.

– This year, 78% of video marketers intend to use LinkedIn video.

– Nearly a billion people use Pinterest to watch videos every day.

This video marketing types help to increase more followers:

1. Demo Videos Marketing

Demonstration videos demonstrate the functionality of your product, whether you’re showing off your software or opening a physical item for testing.

2. Brand Videos

Brand videos are frequently produced as a part of a larger marketing effort to highlight the company’s goals, objectives, or goods and services. Building brand awareness for your business as well as captivating and attracting your target audience are the objectives of brand videos.

3. Event Videos Marketing

Make a highlight reel of the event or publish engaging interviews and presentations from it if your company is hosting a conference, roundtable discussion, fundraiser, or another type of event.

4. Expert Interviews For Video Marketing

Building trust and authority with your target audience can be done by recording interviews with internal experts or thought leaders in your industry.

Find the thought leaders in your field and present these debates to your audience.

Industry experts provide viewers with practical takeaways in the above video, which goes deeper than a simple interview. Don’t be afraid to use strategy in your interviews; your audience will benefit from your diligence.

5. Informational or How-To Videos Marketing

Videos with instructions can impart new knowledge to your audience.These promotional videos can help them gain the fundamental knowledge they’ll need to comprehend your company and your solutions. When working with customers, your sales and service teams can use videos like these.

6. Explainer Videos

This kind of video can clarify for your audience the reasons why they require your good or service. The main buyer persona of the business often takes a fictional journey while battling a problem in explainer videos. By embracing or purchasing the company’s solution, this person resolves the problem.

7. Animated Videos

When explaining abstract services or products or difficult-to-understand concepts that require strong visuals, animated videos can be a great format.

8. Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

Your potential customers want to know that your product can address their particular issue. Making case study videos featuring your pleased, devoted customers is one of the best ways to demonstrate this. Your strongest supporters are those people. Get them to speak on camera about their struggles and how your business was able to help them.

9. Live Videos

A unique, behind-the-scenes look at your business is provided to viewers by live video. Additionally, it draws longer streams and higher levels of engagement.

In 2021, 85% of people will have watched a live stream in the previous 12 months, according to Google.

In addition, viewers are encouraged to ask questions in the comments section of live-streamed interviews, presentations, and events.

10. 360° Videos Marketing in virtual reality

When watching 360° videos, viewers can “scroll” around to see the content from every angle, just as if they were actually standing there. Viewers can experience a place or an event, such as skiing down a hill with Olympic athletes, by watching the video in a spherical format.

Viewers can navigate and manage their experiences in virtual reality (VR). Here is all you need to know about content marketing and email marketing if you’re interested. For additional information, check out our Instagram account.

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